Benito Gonzales Jr caught whipping his own ‘cream’ in Starbucks coffee

Policeman caught masturbating in Starbucks. As you do
Gonzales is a 17-year veteran police officer awarded for meritorious performance (Picture:

There’s a lot in Starbucks to get a guy excited. I mean, who doesn’t get a little frisson at the return of the Christmas cups, the first pumpkin latte of the year or a nice bit of chocolate tiffin?

We have all been there. But one off-duty cop who felt the urge in Starbucks took it to the next level – and gave baristas more than they bargained for – when he touched himself in public.

New Jersey Police Lieutenant Benito Gonzales Jr was caught by Starbucks staff with his shorts down, pleasuring himself under a table.

Embarrassingly for Gonzales, police circulated his image in the hope of identifying the then-unknown flasher.

Prior to his suspension, the 17-year veteran police officer was commanding a small narcotics unit.

According to his department’s website, he was given an award in October for meritorious service to the police.

Gonzales’ boss, Camden County Police Chief, Scott Thomson, said the police officer had been ‘removed from duty’ and that the department was ‘deeply troubled by the allegations of this off-duty conduct.’

He is currently being investigated under a charge of cwith a court hearing due on June 4.

(Picture: ALAMY)
What we do not know is what Gonzales had bought to drink  – but we can assume that he too thought it was extremely hot (Picture: ALAMY)


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