Best Apple Watch apps: From Outlook and Ocado to Apple Pay and Amazon

The Apple Watch has arrived and with it come thousands of apps that can be downloaded and run on the device, either as standalone services or in conjunction with existing iPhone apps too.

V3 has had a trawl through Apple’s App Store pages for the Watch to pick out what we think will be some of the best apps for business types, alongside a few tools that everyone will want to get their hands on.

Check Outlook emails and appointments
Outlook on the Apple Watch
Outlook is still the most popular email and calendar app in the workplace, and Microsoft has now brought full support for its popular productivity software to the Apple Watch. 

The Outlook App for Apple Watch lets you get a quick view of how many unread messages you have waiting for you and any upcoming events by swiping up from the bottom of the watch screen.

You can click on any of the emails to read them from your Apple Watch, and can then delete, archive or even reply to the message choosing from one of the pre-installed basic response options, emojis or voice dictation. The Outlook app also lets you schedule messages for later, or mark them as unread. 

You can also manage your calendar by viewing any meetings or appointments, and declining or accepting from the Apple Watch. 

Tap and shop with Apple Pay

Apple Pay on Apple WatchApple Pay arrived in the UK on 14 July, allowing Apple Watch users to make fast and easy payments in shops via the Passbook app on their smartwatch. More than 250,000 locations already accept Apple Pay purchases, with support from a selection of UK banks and all major credit and debit card networks.

In order to set up the Apple Pay system on your smartwatch, you’ll first need to add a payment card via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Once your card has been added and verified by the bank or card issuer, it will appear in the Passbook app on your Apple Watch and you’re ready to start shopping. 

With your Apple Watch on, just double click the side button and hold the face up to the contactless reader to make a payment, saving you the need to fish around for your purse or wallet and credit or debit card.

Most in-store physical purchases will be restricted in the same way as current contactless payments. So you’re currently able to use Apple Pay in stores to make purchases of up to £20. From September, this should rise to £30 in line with the increased contactless payment limit.

However the £20 limit does not apply to all retailers at launch, and is limitless for shops like M&S that have updated to new terminal software.

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