Bicycle made entirely from cutlery and Marmite lids

Bicycle made entirely from cutlery and Marmite lids
A man who lost his hands and feet in a mountaineering accident has customised a bicycle for disabled use ó using soup spoons and lids from Marmite jars (PIcture: Cascade)

He didn’t use the power of the mind but – by manipulating spoons – Jamie Andrew has pulled off a feat more impressive than anything Uri Geller could manage.

He raided the cutlery drawer to build a bike he can ride – despite having no hands or lower legs. He pedalled 91km (56 miles) on Saturday to raise money for charity.

‘My wife Anna warned me off the good spoons so I used a plastic serving one with the handle cut off,’ said the former electrical engineer, 44.

Mr Andrew, from Edinburgh, lost his hands and feet after getting frostbite, when he survived an accident 15 years ago and lay injured in the Alps for five days before being rescued.

He finished the Tesco Bank Four Abbeys Challenge in the Scottish Borders by using the spoons to support his arm stumps, allowing him to work the brakes.

Marmite lids with magnets inside were used to fix his prosthetic feet to the pedals.

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