Bideford teacher kisses pig after pupils win attendance award

Teacher kisses pig after pupils win attendance award
Ms Hoare puckered up as a reward to her pupils (Picture: © Photograph – Richard Austin)

A teacher who kissed a pig as a reward to pupils who won a 100 per cent attendance award described it as ‘the most memorable kiss I’ve ever had.’

Amy Hoare, a Year 5 teacher at West Croft Junior School in Bideford, Devon, puckered up for the micro pig on May 15 after her class ended the week with a 100 per cent attendance record.

Ms Hoare, 46, was inspired by Hong Yoaming, a Chinese deputy headmaster who promised schoolchildren a similar reward in a bid to combat littering.

Children cheered in delight as Ms Hoare kissed the pig at The Big Sheep, and teacher said she had been keen to do something memorable and fun as a reward for the children attaining something serious.

‘As a class we go through the national newspapers to keep them in touch with what is going on in the world and we spotted this story about a Chinese teacher making a promise to his class that he would kiss a pig if they stopped littering,’ she explained at the event to the North Devon Journal.

‘I jokingly said to the class: ‘maybe I should do that if you win the 100% award’ and two weeks later they won and now I’m here to kiss a pig.’

10-year-old Ellie Cloke, one of Ms Hoare’s pupils, said she thought her teacher was crazy to suggest it.

‘I thought she had gone a bit mental as she has never done anything like this before.

‘I thought she had gone madder than she normally is,’ she said.

Amy described the kiss as a ‘little wet.’

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