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At first, the idea of a ‘web-based service’ focused on bicycle tourism seems a bit, well, vague.

Bicycle tourism is a very niche (and seasonal) business, and a web-based service doesn’t help much when you are poised on your bike saddle on the corner of Main Street and Division Street in Any City, USA, trying to figure out where to go and what to do.

But that hasn’t daunted Bikabout creator Megan Ramey, who knows from experience that cycling tourists want recommendations on where to stay, where to tour, where to rent bikes, and of course, where to eat – and they appreciate getting that info through a single site that has the addition of local expert input.

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Ramey is doing a pilot of her service in 10 towns including Portland, Oregon, and Athens, Georgia, and will offer it free to customers, and will list local businesses or let thempartner in Bikabout’s social media network for a fee.

One of the best aspects of Bikabout is Ramey’s determination to get local experts to share their knowledge and insights about the best biking in their cities. Experts, called ambassador as also expected to lead local rides that touch on the best food and other cultural aspects of the cities.

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Here’s a list of Bikabout’s pilot cities: Athens, GA; Boston; Boulder, CO; Charleston, S.C.; Chicago; For Collins, CO; Madison, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Montreal; Portland, OR; Seattle; Vancouver, B.C.

Bikabout is also planning to donate 25 percent of annual profits to nonprofit organizations that make biking and walking safer and more convenient.

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