Bitdefender admits loss of usernames and passwords after cyber breach

Bitdefender admits loss of usernames and passwords after cyber breach

Internet security firm Bitdefender has admitted that it suffered a breach of customer usernames and passwords after a hacker compromised a cloud based system.

Bitdefender confirmed that it discovered a security issue and that “a component of the public cloud” had been breached.

The firm told V3 via email that an investigation was launched and it quickly revealed that the server was not penetrated, but that the vulnerability “potentially enabled exposure of a few user accounts and passwords”.

“The issue was immediately resolved and additional security measures were put in place in order to prevent it from reoccurring. As an extra precaution, a password reset notice was sent to all potentially affected customers, representing less than one percent of our SMB customers.”

The firm also said the breach did not affect consumer or enterprise customers.

“Bitdefender takes security of its customers very seriously and any issue that might involve the security of our customers or the security of our servers is treated with the utmost urgency and seriousness,” the company said.

Bitdefender declined to comment when asked by V3 to confirm exactly when the attack occurred.

However, a hacker going by the alias DetoxRansome has taken credit for the cyber attack on Twitter and tried extort £15,000 from Bitdefender.

 On 25 July, the hacker tweeted the details of two alleged Bitdefender customer accounts and one internal company account.

The attacker has claimed that the usernames and passwords stolen, reportedly over 250, were left unencrypted, according to a report in Forbes.

The news comes following a slew of high profile hacks on companies including United Airlines, surveillance software firm Hacking Team and adultery website Ashley Madison.

The Hacking Team breach garnered significant attention after leaks uncovered a number of security flaws in everyday tools such as Windows and Flash.

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