BlackBerry’s Passport is bringing Qwerty back for £530 (Wired UK)


BlackBerry is
back with a new smartphone called the Passport, which is square, debonair
and has an old-school Qwerty keyboard.

According to BlackBerry, the Passport is designed for the
business-class ticket holders of the world due to its
super-efficient productivity capabilities. The operating system
travelling on the phone is BlackBerry 10.3 and both the BlackBerry
World store and the Amazon Appstore come

BlackBerry Blend is a new feature that spreads messages and
content from your smartphone to your tablet or computer. It allows
you to read and respond to all different kinds of messages across
devices and works with Mac, Windows and Android.

BlackBerry claims that the Passport’s new keyboard is almost
four times more accurate than the keyboards on BlackBerry 10
phones, with an average error rate that is 74 percent lower than it
was on older BlackBerry models.


Forged from stainless steel with a Gorilla Glass 3 screen, the
phone certainly sounds up to scratch in the sturdiness department,
but its design remains somewhat unconventional. The 4.5-inch square
screen has a high 1,440×1,440-pixel resolution, but with a 1:1
aspect ration, whether you’ll want to take advantage of it with
games and videos is another question altogether.

Powering the phone is a quad-core 2.2GHz processor with 3GB of
RAM accompanying it. The Passport carries 32GB of hold storage and
has a 13-megapixel camera perched on its tail. Also inside is a
3,450mAh battery, which BlackBerry describes as “best in class” –
we’ll see about that in our full review.

The BlackBerry Passport has already winged its way to the UK and
is available to buy now for £530.

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