Blind musicians perform song to raise awareness for impaired sight in heartwarming video

A London-based singer-songwriter and six visually-impaired musicians teamed up to perform a song about blindness in a bid to raise awareness for people suffering from impaired vision.

Marie Naffah, who won the MTV’s Unsigned Artist award 2014, worked with six blind and visually-impaired musicians – some of whom had never played in a group before – to release the song ‘Blindfold’, which she wrote in response to her grandmother losing her sight.

And a 12-minute documentary by filmmaker Constance Meath-Baker, culminating in a performance of the song, explores the importance of music to those who have lost the ability to see and how it doesn’t hinder their ability to be creative.

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Blind musicians perform song to raise awareness for impaired sight in uplifting documentary
Rob Ellard stressed the importance of blind people playing together (Picture: YouTube)

‘It’s important that blind people get to play music together because together we’re stronger,’ says Rob Ellard, who plays guitar on the track.

‘We have to get together more often,’ adds Antonio de Lillis, also a guitarist.

‘We have to share our difficulties. We are a kind of invisible disabled.’

The project came about when blind drummer Steve Plowman heard Marie on Insight Radio and contacted her to ask if there would be an opportunity to collaborate.

Five other partially-sighted and blind musicians then showed interest in the project and, with the help from producer David Lane and charity RNIB, it became a reality.

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(Picture: YouTube)
Marie wrote ‘Blindfold’ as a response to her grandmother losing her sight (Picture: YouTube)

‘It is important to reiterate that this project was not for profit,’ said Marie, 22.

‘The purpose of it, aside from to enjoy meeting these amazing musicians and hearing their stories, was to raise awareness for the various forms of blindness, and to highlight the amazing attitudes and talents of the people who live with them.

‘I wanted to show to people how suffering from blindness does not automatically remove the ability to be creative and successful.’

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