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BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle division of the German carmaker, has just unveiled a new electric motorcycle concept. It’s based on the RR, a high-performance motorbike, and they call it the eRR. They say it’s “experimental” so it’s not clear whether they’ll decide to go in a more electric direction for their commercially available bikes or if this is a one-off, but there’s certainly some empty space to be filled in the market, especially since Mission Motors went out of business.

BMW electric motorcycleBMW/Promo image

BMW Motorrad says: “Already a couple of years ago, BMW i showed the BMW Group’s visionary and sustainable approach with the vehicles BMW i3 and i8 and their revolutionary design principles (aluminum chassis and passenger cabin made from carbon fibre) and BMW Motorrad’s C evolution proved, that zero emission, riding fun and practicability do not exclude themselves. With presenting the experimental vehicle eRR BMW Motorrad goes one step forward and shows the possibilities of an all-electric drive in a supersport motorcycle. Regarding design and chassis technology the eRR leans on the supersport motorcycle S 1000 RR, however using an all-electric drive. We asked ourselves: What happens when combining a sport motorcycle and an electric drive? The experimental vehicle eRR brings the topic zero emission and electric drive on a new, more fascinating level.”

2014 BMW i3 electric car© 2014 BMW i3 electric car

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else about it that has been released. No motor power figures or battery size, no driving range or acceleration stats. Oh well, it’s still nice to see German engineers become more familiar with electrified transportation (like with the BMW i3 pictured above). There’s no doubt that it’s the future, so the sooner they transition from making hydrocarbons explode in tiny chambers, the better.


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