Brammo slashes the price of its electric motorcycles (Enertia now $6,995) : TreeHugger

Electric car makers aren’t the only ones slashing prices these days. Electric motorcycle maker Brammo is holding a big sale for the end of the summer, cutting prices on its electron-burners by a pretty significant amount. See for yourself:

Brammo/Screen capture

So if you were thinking of getting one of these babies, now’s probably the time. You don’t have to get an Empulse R electric rocket either. The Enertia electric motorcycle is the most affordable, and more of a commuter ride than a racetrack demon.

Brammo/Promo image

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a closer look at what’s going on inside the Brammo Empulse. Some very nice engineering in there:

Here’s some Brammos in action, with cheesy movie trailer voice that welcomes you “to the future” (and he’s right!):

Via Brammo, ABG

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