Brian Metzger files restraining order for his daughter, 6, against school bully, 5, at Prairie Lane Elementary School in Wisconsin

Man files restraining order against boy, 5
Mr Metzger is worried for his six-year-old daughter (Picture: CBS/WDJT)

One man has taken drastic action against a five-year-old bully after filing for a temporary restraining order against him.

Brian Metzger has claimed he was forced to act because the boy had allegedly been threatening his six-year-old daughter.

He justified his actions by declaring that Prairie Lane Elementary School in Wisconsin had not made sufficient steps to deal with the situation.

According to Mr Metzger, the boy told his daughter he wanted to ‘slit [her] throat and watch it bleed’, called her names and threw rocks at her.

After receiving the police report, the school opted to remove the boy from the same classroom as Mr Metzger’s daughter.

However, Mr Metzger added: ‘I want him removed from the school district, period.’

The local police station has since confirmed it has received a police report from a second family regarding the same boy.

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