Britain’s fattest cat Ulric, owned by Jan Mitchell, enlists the help of new puppy Dennis to lose weight

Britain's fattest cat enlists the help of new puppy to lose weight
Overweight cat Ulrich is on a mission to shed the pounds (Picture:BNPS)

Britain’s fattest cat has been given his own personal trainer-a new-born puppy, in an attempt to battle the bulge.

Ulric, who currently weighs a hefty two stones and two pounds, has been put on a diet since being declared morbidly obese by a vet last year, but has struggled in his quest to shed the pounds.

His owner, 69-year-old Jan Mitchell, has now bought a five month old puppy to chase the fat cat around the garden in a last ditch attempt to lose weight.

Following the arrival of Dennis, a Pugalier (a pug crossed with a King Charles Cavalier) three months ago, Ulric has already lost 2lbs, more than the entire amount of weight he shed in 16 months.

Jan, from Dorchester, Dorset, said: ‘We wanted to get a puppy in the hope he would play with Ulric but Dennis has turned out to be a bit of a personal trainer for him.’

‘They get on really well and Ulric now runs around the garden, which he never went in before. Although, he doesn’t really have much choice when Dennis is chasing him.’

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‘They play fight and wrestle on the ground quite a lot which must be doing Ulric some good. Ulric is a lot more active than he’s ever been and is starting to lose weight.’

Jan originally bought Ulric when he was a normal sized kitten, along with sister Ulla, but his habit of stealing his sister’s food meant that he soon ballooned to one stone and three pounds, despite entering a pet slimming competition run by animal charity PDSA.

Although Jan admits that Ulric is on a mission to shed the pounds, she has attributed his weight to his lazy nature.

She said:  ‘He is a lovely cat but he’s just very greedy and lazy. He didn’t do any exercise and spent all day lying around.

‘Ulric is still on a diet but now he is getting more exercise hopefully he should lose a lot more weight.’

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