British jihadists ‘punished by Isis’ after saying they want to leave the terror group

British jihadists 'punished by Isis' after saying they want to go home
UK-born fighters have grown disillusioned with life in the terror group (Picture: Getty Images)

British jihadists who have grown disillusioned after joining Islamist militants Isis are reportedly being punished by the terror group for wanting to go home.

Five UK-born members of the Islamic State have reportedly been taken to a ‘punishment centre’ in the group’s adopted capital of Raqqa, Syria, and stripped of their weapons after telling superiors they no longer wanted to fight for the group.

And Isis leaders have been growing increasingly paranoid about Western jihadists who have travelled to the Middle East amid fears that spies are helping US armed forces direct air attacks on the region.

‘It is very dangerous to expose your identity if you want to come back in case IS find out who you are,’ said Haras Rafiq of counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam.

(Picture: Getty Images)
Isis chiefs are said to be paranoid that Westerners in the group are helping to direct US attacks (Picture: Getty Images)

‘Anyone who wants to leave, should just leave.’

Leading terrorism expert Professor Peter Neumann of King’s College revealed he had been in contact with a number of militants who told him they regretted the decision to join Isis.

Professor Neumann, who leads the university’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, added that he believes up to a fifth of all British fighters could want out, but feel trapped because they would be facing a lengthy jail term in the UK.

There are said to be at least 3,500 Europeans now fighting for the terror group.

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