British Volunteer Missing In Malaysian Jungle

A mother has appealed for more to be done to find a British man who disappeared while trekking on a paradise island off Malaysia.

Gareth David Huntley, 34, disappeared four days ago after attempting to find a waterfall in the jungles of Tioman Island, off the peninsula’s east coast.

He told friends at a charity project he had been working with he would return by 2pmthat day, but he has not been seen since.

A group of volunteers and some local people have been into the jungle on the island to search for him but have had no luck.

Mr Huntley’s mother has called on the Malaysian authorities to step up the search for her son, who was on an extended holiday in the southeast Asian country.

Janet Southwell said: “I am extremely concerned and anxious about my son.

“He has been missing for four days now, and as yet I have had no contact from any official agency advising me as to the progress of the search.

“At this stage I feel it is essential that the search be intensified as time is running out for Gareth, so I would really appreciate the support of the Malaysian Authorities and the UK Government with this.”

Mr Huntley, from London, had been working as a volunteer at the Juara Turtle Project, a conservation charity on Tioman Island.

One of the other volunteers, Charles Fisher, said police were informed the day after he went missing, but had not done much.

He said: “The afternoon of the second day the police were informed – they sent a couple of members of the police force along to have a look but didn’t go far or look very much – they were just sort of assessing the situation.

“Then the next day, the 29th, a group of volunteers went out and looked then came back again. Another group from the local community also went out as well and went deep into the jungle.

“The police were no longer physically looking at that point – I think they were arranging for a search party but nothing happened that day.”

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said the local embassy was aware Mr Huntleywas missing and was offering support.

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