Brixton: So Good They (Sort Of) Named It Twice

Also available with a 2 on it.

Brixtonites are proud to brandish their postcode, and rightly so. After all, this is the corner of London that brought us David Bowie, electric street lights and the Brixton Pound*.

Thing is, Brixton actually has TWO postcodes — SW2 and SW9. And surely there’s nowhere you can find the choice of BOTH postcodes, printed on a beautiful, lovely t-shirt? Well shut up actually, because you’re wrong.

Londonist is selling these AND these tees exclusively — they come in a range of colours and sizes, therefore will look good on any Brixtonite.

Not a Brixtonite, and feeling left out? Plenty of other postcode t-shirts are available. Why not browse the Londonist store.

*Is it ironic that you can’t buy this t-shirt with the Brixton Pound? Perhaps.

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