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David Cameron in Perth this week (Photo – Fraser Bremner)

If your much-loved wife wanted to divorce you, what would be the wiser course? Tell her she’ll be broke if she leaves you? Or shower her with presents and tell her how much you love her?

At last, the Tories are taking the wiser second option (hat-tip, Ali Hope in Taki’s Magazine for the analogy). For months, they’ve been saying how much poorer the Scots will be without us. This week, in Perth, David Cameron showed the love.

He’d be heart-broken if Scotland left the Union, he said, citing his genuine Scots connections: his great-great uncle, John Geddes, was a Scots Canadian who died in the First World War. His great-great grandfather, William Low, was an MP from Fife. And his own name could hardly be more Scottish – Cameron means “Crooked Nose” in Highland Scots dialect.

After showing the love, he showed the money, pledging £500m towards Glasgow’s infrastructure. I’m normally dead against government splurging our money like this. But, if it will save the marriage, in this case I’m prepared to make an exception.


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