Campaign raises £13,000 for Louisa Sewell who was fined £328 for stealing Mars bars

Campaign raises £13,000 for woman who was fined £328 for stealing Mars bars

A campaign to raise money for a woman who was fined £328 for stealing Mars bars has reached £13,000.

Louisa Sewell, 32, pleaded guilty to theft at Kidderminster Magistrates Court after she stole a pack of chocolates which she said she did because it was the cheapest thing in the shop and she had not eaten for days.

She was fined £73 for the theft, 75p in compensation to the store, £150 in court charges, £85 in prosecution costs and a £20 victim surcharge for a total of £328.75.

After hearing about the case, Reverend Stuart Campbell, from Bath, Somerset, decided to raise money to help Ms Sewell pay her fine, but it seems his online appeal went a little too well.

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Within a day, Rev Campbell had raised £12,000. The figure is now more than £13,000.

‘In fines and charges, the woman was penalised £328.75 for stealing food worth 75p – over 438 times the value of the theft,’ he said.

‘It seems likely that she’ll be unable to pay and may end up in prison.

We can’t fix every injustice in the hideous, heartless society the UK has become… We can do something, even if it’s only a gesture.’

New regulations require convicted adult offenders to pay towards the cost of running the criminal justice system.

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