Can you blend an Apple watch? You can…if you want to destroy it like the blender producers Blendec

Warning: Do not try this at home, it will just waste you hundreds of pounds…and a blender

Why would anyone want to put an Apple Watch, worth over £400, into an electronic blender?

To prove the quality of the blender of course…How else are you going to find out the right equipment to make your papaya and acai breakfast smoothie.

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Needless to say the watch was obliterated.

No criticism of Apple, being blend-proof is not something most people look for in a smartphone or watch.

Can you blend an Apple watch? You can...if you want to destroy it
Goodbye watch (Picture: YouTube)

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On a side note, the presenter of this show at the ‘Blendec laboratory’ comes across like a slightly crazed kids’ TV presenter.

(Picture: YouTube)
Ok, how is this related to blenders Tom? (Picture: YouTube)

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