Canadian inmates break out of Orsainville Detention Centre in helicopter

Canadian inmates 'break out of jail in helicopter'
Inmates broke out of jail and jumped in a helicopter (Picture: Reuters)

Three inmates have broken out of prison, with reports suggesting a helicopter may have been used.

The men, who escaped from Orsainville Detention Centre in Quebec, Canada, were locked up as part of a drugs bust and have ties to Hells Angels, according to CBC news.

Officials believe the helicopter was piloted by one man when it arrived at the jail on Saturday.

A man hunt is now under way.

Police have released photos of the three men identified as: Yves Denis, 35; Denis Lefebvre, 53 and; Serge Pomerleau, 49.

A police spokesperson said: ‘Priority number one is to locate the helicopter and the three escapees that are inside that helicopter.

‘We are really working closely with the detention centre for all the information that we can possess on those individuals.’

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