Cardiff University rugby team banned from ferry after urinating on table where family was eating

Uni rugby team banned from ferry after urinating on table where family was eating
The team had to find an alternate route back to Wales (Picture: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

A University rugby team acted more like a band of pirates recently after a boat ride full of shenanigans ended in them being banned by a ferry company.

The medics XV from Cardiff University are accused of going on a drunken rampage during a ferry trip from Dover to Calais, with one of the team allegedly urinating on a table where a family were eating.

One anonymous student from the university said: ‘A rugby player got so drunk they urinated in someone’s food.

‘It’s absolutely disgusting and gives the university a really bad name.’

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The incident took place while the team were travelling to Amsterdam as part of their rugby tour, however on the return leg of their journey they found they had been banned from boarding any P&O ferries.

P&O spokesman Brian Rees said: ‘Unfortunately behaviour was such that we had to explain that we would not offer them the return journey so they made other arrangements to get back.

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‘The behaviour was so appalling we didn’t have a moment’s hesitation in banning them from coming back with us.’

Cardiff University has now launched a joint investigation into the team’s behaviour, with the university and their students’ union condemning the incident.

Elliot Howells, Cardiff Students’ Union President, said: ‘This type of behaviour is not condoned by the Students’ Union and we convey this message strongly to sports teams during their yearly induction sessions.’

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