Cataplexy: Tracy Herring paralysed lose control of limbs after funny films

This woman becomes temporarily paralysed whenever she watches a funny film
Tracy’s condition means she can’t watch funny films (Picture: PA Real Life)

Funny films and comedy gigs are usually a right laugh, but they cause this woman to become paralysed and collapse.

Tracy Herring, 44, has banned herself from watching all forms of comedy because it causes her to lose control of her limbs and neck.

She has a rare condition called cataplexy, which causes sudden muscle weakness when triggered by strong emotions.

Ms Herring said: ‘I lose control of my limbs and become paralysed on my left side. It only lasts for a few seconds but it is frightening.’

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She hasn’t watched a funny film since 2003 and she’s not too hot on the latest big comics. Despite her preventative measures, Ms Herring still suffers the occasional fit.

When she first met boyfriend Michael Wild, 45, he thought she was a drunk. Ms Herring added: ‘He thought I was a lush, although he only admitted this to me months later.

‘He thought I’d been drinking before we met. It does look like this because I just suddenly topple over.’

Ms Herring has struggled to work full-time because of her condition, which was first diagnosed when she was 32.

She’s still having appointments with a specialist to try to keep her cataplexy under control.

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