Cats, CVs, confidence and eye contact: The dos and don’ts of landing a job revealed

Why cats could be ruining your chances of getting a job
Another top tip… don’t have sweaty palms (Picture: imtmphoto)

You have dressed to impress, and are heading for the job interview of a lifetime. But according to new research, you could be blowing your chances of getting hired without even realising it.

A poll has revealed some interesting insights into how hiring managers think – and they’re more judgmental than you expect, with many making their minds up in the first 90 seconds of a meeting.

Two in three bosses are reluctant to hire someone who fails to make eye contact with them during an interview, while one in three are also put off by candidates who can’t even muster a smile.

As you would imagine, fashion sense matters, too – and three in four employers would think twice before offering work to someone who was inappropriately dressed.

But there are easy ways to up your game, the Capital One report found. Asking questions during an interview increases your chances of being hired by 51 per cent, especially if you have done your research on the company beforehand.

Your CV is also crucial – not least because the typical employer spends just seven seconds skim reading your resumé before deciding whether it should go in the bin. One in five bosses confessed that they find interests such as ‘taking care of my cats’ incredibly off-putting.

And whatever you write, don't list 'taking care of cats' as an interest on your CV (Picture:
And whatever you write, don’t list ‘taking care of cats’ as an interest on your CV (Picture:

But that pales into comparison with the worst mistake you can make, as more than half of employers hate seeing spelling mistakes in a resumé.

Only one in five hopeful candidates for a job make it to the interview stage – and the lender believes that grad scheme wannabes need to up their game.

Erica Sabol, its head of recruitment, said: ‘It can be daunting for graduates when they take their first steps into the world of work. It may seem like there is a maze to negotiate, from searching for opportunities and creating their CVs through to landing interviews.

‘There are some basic tips which can make all the difference between success and failure. Do your homework on your prospective employer, be on time, have all your best achievements top of your mind, and be confident and engaging – without appearing arrogant.’

If you’re heading to an interview soon, you’re advised to allow an extra 45 minutes of travel time, and to eat a banana in order to calm those pre-match nerves.

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