Causes of Stomach Cramps and Diarrhea

Causes of Stomach Cramps and DiarrheaIf there is one thing that people hate to have especially when they are in a public place, it is to get diarrhea. It can be very disturbing and can make people unable to concentrate on the things that they have to do. More often than not, people end up having to skip work or to forget the responsibilities that they have for a certain time period because they know that they will not be able to hold the stools anymore.

There are instances when diarrhea will only last for a short period of time but for some people who get acute stomach cramps and diarrhea, they usually experience having to let go of loose stools for about two days. More often than not, diarrhea just goes away on its own. You will just realize that you are not passing loose stools anymore and you can go back to work but there are also instances when diarrhea is caused about by other diseases that are more serious than what you first thought.

There are some common culprits of stomach cramps and diarrhea that you should know so that you will know what to do the next time it happens to you.

v  Bacterial Infection – There are times when bacterium is able to enter your body due to drinking or eating contaminated food and water. E Coli is a deadly bacterium that people would not want to experience. In order to avoid this, invest on your storage. You have to make sure that you will only eat fresh food. When you eat food that has already been tainted by salmonella, the chances of acquiring the bacterium will be very high.

v  Food Poisoning – Food poisoning is sometimes caused by eating food products that have not been cooked well enough. As we know, cooking can kill a lot of bacteria and parasites so that food will be safe for eating. People can get food poisoned when there is bacterium or other parasites that are still present in the food products.

v  Food Allergy – Some people have always been aware that certain food products can make their stomach a bit wild but they still eat the food product that they should avoid simply because they like the taste of it. You have to remember that food allergies can become too severe sometimes that the pain can be unbearable. Loose stools are also very probable.

v  Medications – There are instances when certain medications can cause people to have stomach cramps and eventually develop diarrhea. If in case it happens every time you take a certain medication, let your doctor know about it so that another medication can be prescribed that will not give the same side effect.

v  Viral Infection – This is the type of infection caused about by different viruses. Since this is viral, it cannot be cured by antibiotics and other medications. To become cured from this condition, people would need plenty of rest.

With all of the information about the possible causes of stomach cramps and diarrhea, you will know what to do better the next time the symptoms strike. Make sure that you still consult a doctor when the pain and the diarrhea become too much to handle to ensure that you will do everything correctly.

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