CCTV shows horrific moment cat is torn to pieces by a pack of dogs on Kent estate

Warning: Graphic content

Shocking footage has emerged of a cat being torn apart by a pack of wild dogs on a Kent estate – and parents fear that a child may be next.

CCTV at the Medway Estate shows a group of dogs running along the pavement before spotting Coco the cat and crossing the road.

The dogs then play a horrifying game of tug-of-war as they wrestle with Coco’s body before one of them wins out and walks away with the feline’s lifeless corpse in its jaws.

Rik Tye, 36, and his wife Amanda, 32, spoke of their horror when they realised what had happened.

CCTV shows horrific moment cat is torn to pieces by pack of dogs
Suffering: Coco the cat (Picture: Masons)

‘I was asleep at the time but my neighbour shouted out of her window,’ Amanda said.

‘Coco was lying in the road, her face was crumpled. It was heartbreaking.

‘The dogs may well go for a child if they are hungry enough – they pose a big threat.’

Horrific: The dogs wrestle with the Coco's body (Picture: KentOnline VideoNews/YouTube)
Horrific: The dogs wrestle with the Coco’s body (Picture: YouTube)

Rik added that no one is completely sure what the animals are.

‘They’re hyena-like things and do not have a face, it’s all squished,’ he said.

Medway Council told MailOnline they had sent dog wardens to the estate on three occasions after cats were reported missing but have been unable to trace the animals.

(Picture: Google)
Not the first time: Other cats have gone missing from the estate (Picture: Google)

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