Chick-Fil-A manager has banned staff from using teen slang at work and the list was shared on Reddit

Restaurant manager bans staff from using teen slang at work
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‘Fam’, ‘cuz’ and ‘bruh’ are just three words employees of this restaurant are banned from using.

The manager of fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, known only as Eric, apparently became so infuriated by his colleagues’ use of slang he typed up a list of forbidden words.

Among the offenders are ‘turn up’, ‘3Hunnid’ and ‘chill’ – to which he explains: ‘Unless we are talking about something that is chilled.’

He adds that staff must stop accusing people of having Ebola.

The sheet, entitled ‘you will speak properly when you walk through these doors’, was posted on Reddit by user Mausar.

We’d love to decipher this list of slang for you, but even we don’t possess the pidgin these employees have demonstrated so well.

Although this video might help shed some light on a few words…cuz.

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