Children should study outside to save their vision, study suggests

Children should study outside to save their vision, study suggests
Studying outside could save children’s eyesight (Picture: Getty Images)

Some of you may fondly remember the slightly eccentric teacher who would very occasionally teach their class outside.

But if a new study is anything to go by, that might become a lot more commonplace.

Researchers have said that children are spending so long indoors for their school lessons that it is permanently damaging their eyesight.

Around 40 percent of people in Britain are short-sighted and experts say the figure is rising, with too much time spent in front of screens and in classrooms to blame.

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(Picture: Getty Images)
Around 40 percent of Britons are short-sighted (Picture: Getty Images)

‘For 100 years we have researched into the effects of reading and prolonged study on making short-sightedness worse. It has become a common belief that spending too much time inside a book, or today on a screen, will make anyone’s eyesight worse,’ laser eye surgeon Dr David Allamby told the Telegraph.

‘Recent research might have turned this on its head. That’s why today some Chinese schoolchildren are going to school inside a big glass box.’

A big glass box might sound like a silly idea, but trials of large translucent boxes and outdoor lessons in Beijing have already reduced myopia by 23 percent.

Experts have long suggested that those who spent a lot of time looking at screens take breaks and look at something as far away as possible to preserve their sight.

Hunter-gatherer societies typically have the smallest levels of short-sightedness.

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