China bans Windows 8 in government as it looks to Linux

Windows 8.1 Update showing taskbar

The Chinese government has banned the use of Windows 8 on computers used by state agencies to avoid future security woes akin to those recently caused by the end of support for Windows XP.

The state news agency in China, Xinahu, reported that a statement from the Central Government Procurement Center ordered departments to stop using Windows 8.

Instead, home-grown Linux-based operating systems will be implemented, to ensure more control and security of the platforms in use by the state in the future.

The move comes after the end of Windows XP support in April, which left millions of PCs around the world at risk from security threats. At the time the cost of Windows 8 was also cited as a reason not to upgrade to the operating system.

The Chinese government is a major user of XP and it has decided to stick with the platform despite the risks posed, hoping firms in the nation can provide the necessary fixes as and when required.

The announcement will be another blow to Microsoft, which has so far failed to see much uptake of Windows 8 despite the platform being available for about 18 months.

V3 contacted Microsoft for any comment on the announcement but had received no reply at the time of publication.

The decision comes as tensions between the two nations on cyber issues rose after the US filed charges against five Chinese state officials accused of spying on US companies for intellectual property and trade secrets.

China has hit back at this ‘hypocrisy’ and claimed nothing untoward has taken place.

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