Chinese women accused of travelling to Taiwan to hire male prostitutes

Chinese hen parties are a bit more risque than what we're used to...
Cougar town (Picture: Youtube)

In a twist on the usual gender stereotypes, the Taiwanese media are claiming that hen parties of Chinese women are travelling over the border to buy sex with younger men.

The women are typically rich and middle-aged, and have apparently included wives of businessmen and politicians.

A vice squad officer explained: ‘They are afraid that if they hire male prostitutes in China proper they will be discovered, so they cross the strait to go to Taiwan to buy sex.’

The male escorts are hired through agencies, and are referred to as ‘secretaries’.

A secretary with 'benefits' (Picture: Youtube)
A secretary with ‘benefits’ (Picture: Youtube)

As well as providing sex, they also accompany the women on sightseeing and shopping trips and for meals out.

Ahong, who has been working as a male prostitute for three years, said: ‘They love young men and they keep on coming back for more.’

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