Chuck Norris Dropkicks Monsanto & GMOs

LiveFreeLiveNatural | July 31, 2014

Famed actor and overall badass, Chuck Norris has just recently come out in full force against Monsanto and genetically modified foods.

Norris, who writes a weekly opinion piece for the website World Net Daily, released an essay this past Monday entitled “Lambs To The GMO Slaughter”.

In the article Norris describes his grievances with Monsanto in a way only Chuck Norris can,

American diets are being bombarded with genetically modified foods. Big seed companies initiate it. Big food business loves it. Big government enables it. But Americans are ones paying the price through their pocketbook and especially their health. And worst of all, as the old song goes, it may be “killing you softly”……..

Today, in the United States, as much as 80 percent of packaged foods contain ingredients that have been genetically modified, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. And 90 percent of many U.S. crops are grown with genetically engineered seed. In Iowa, for example, 91 percent of the corn and 93 percent of the soybean acres were genetically modified last year.

But unlike 60 other countries around the world – including the European Union, which has required that genetically engineered foods be labeled since 1997, most Americans will never know if they are consuming GMOs because there are no federal and few state laws require their listing among food ingredients.

The action star, best known for his role in the television series Walker Texas Ranger, has always been known for his incredible fitness. Chuck’s call to action then went on to say,

Leading the pro-GMO march is Monsanto, the world’s largest seed maker and a publicly traded American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. The colossal seed giant is moving full-steam ahead to become the No. 1 U.S. and global farm supplier. They are so monopolizing the seed industry that Forbes recently cited a Fortune article noting that Monsanto “expects to earn about $5.1B in the current fiscal year and double its earnings per share within the next 5 years.” The article concluded by calling Monsanto: an “unstoppable Leviathan” and saying that “GMOs are here to stay.”

Strangely, instead of overstepping their boundaries as they do with virtually everything, the Obama administration retreats from any type of enforcement or regulation forcing food companies to list GMOs among their foods’ ingredients.

Can you say aiding and abetting the enemy?…

Almost all genetically engineered foods have been engineered for one purpose: to tolerate higher levels of herbicides. The problem is, weeds are constantly becoming more tolerant to the weed killer, creating a vicious cycle resulting in higher usage of more and more toxic herbicides such as Dow Agribusiness’ 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange.

Chuck’s assertions about herbicide use are also deeply concerning to the scientific community. Many studies have shown an increased use of toxic herbicides due to GM crops engineered to be resistant to these weed killing chemicals. Studies have also shown the many harmful effects these herbicides can have on your health and the environment. He continued,

So instead of eradicating the need for insecticides and herbicides, genetically modified plants will warrant stronger and more intense pesticides to outwit and overcome superbugs and greater strains of diseases.

And who’s to say what GMOs will do – now or in generations – inside our bodies as we consume them on a greater scale and they become a part of the bacteria in our digestive tracts?…

If there’s a bright light on the GMO horizon, it’s going to happen because we consumers put the pressure on the food industries and cry out to individual food companies.

As a result of consumer advocacy, Whole Foods plans to require labeling in all products sold in U.S. and Canadian stores by 2018. And General Mills plans to stop using bioengineered cornstarch and sugar cane for its original Cheerios and to prominently display the fact.

Who’s next? That’s up to you and me.

Isn’t it time that U.S. shoppers should be afforded the same opportunity that consumers around the world are – to know exactly what food ingredients are contained in the food we buy?

Until we do, GMOs in our food are a shell game – now you see them, now you don’t. And while they are playing with our foods, minds and bodies, the American people are nothing less than lambs going to the GMO slaughter.

It’s time that we as a nation stand up to Monsanto and follow the advice of the Delta Force star. Unless of course you think you know better than Chuck Norris. If you do, it proves you don’t know what you’re talking about anyway.

Listen to Chuck Norris.

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