Cisco unveils Android-based video call kit from $2,750

Cisco DX70 video conferencing unit

Cisco has launched video conferencing systems powered by Android that it said offer enterprises an affordable way to give employees the ability to make high-quality video calls.

The new devices are the DX70 (pictured above) and DX80 (pictured below), which will retail for $2,750 and $3,990 respectively, putting the systems on the middle ground between premium high-quality systems and value-for-money solutions.

The DX70 has a 14in touchscreen and 1080p HD quality display, while the DX80 has a 23in touchscreen with the same 1080p HD quality display. Both devices are powered by Android 4.1.1 and have 2GB of RAM and 1.5GHz processors.

The main difference between the two units, beyond screen size, appears to be the inclusion of Intelligent Audio capability with the DX80, which Cisco claims enables it to filter out all background noise.

Cisco DX80 video conferencing unit

As well as the new hardware, Cisco also announced a cloud-based collaboration tool called Collaboration Meeting Room that allows firms to host video calls on-the-go.

Rowan Trollope, general manager for Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco, said the new services would help continue the push of video conferencing tools into firms of all sizes.

“The DX70 and DX80 were designed from the ground up to provide the best collaboration experience for every desk in an enterprise,” he said.

“Combined with the Collaboration Meeting Room service, users can have their own always-on private meeting room to collaborate with anyone on any device at any time.”

Both devices also offer the ability to save users’ details and use history, so when different users login with an access code and extension, their contact lists and recent call numbers are still saved.

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