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Bike-sharing is great, with 23 million rides across the U.S. since 2007 – over 10 million of which took place in New York City – resulting in zero fatal accidents so far. But the logistics can be daunting. While private bikes are maintained by their owners, bike-share operators like NYC’s Citi Bike end up having to maintain thousands of bikes.

Thankfully, they get a little help from some friendly microbes.

To clean up gunked-up and rusty parts, Citi Bike is using a clever tool called the Smart Bike Washer, created by ChemFree.

It is designed especially to wash bike parts, and uses special microbes in what they call ‘OzzyJuice’ (any early Black Sabbath fans?) and the power of bioremediation to clean things up without dirtying the environment in the process by using harsh chemicals.

This allows them to go from this:

© Citi Bike

To this:

© Citi Bike

Pretty good, eh?

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