Cloudera buys Gazzang to boost Hadoop big data security

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Cloudera has announced the purchase of a big data security firm called Gazzang to bring added security to its analytics platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Cloudera provides data analytics tools that run on Apache Hadoop. Cloudera chief executive Tom Reilly said Gazzang’s tools would provide customers with greater security for the sensitive business data being used on its platform.

“Simplifying the process of injecting core security features such as encryption and key management into highly scalable environments will enable customers to move beyond test and development workloads to real-world implementations much more quickly and easily,” he said.

“For example, companies that are weighing the value of putting workloads in public cloud environments against security concerns will now be able to move forward by putting in place additional process-based access controls.”

Cloudera also said the move would ensure it adhered to key security regulations affecting customers such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the EU Data Protection Directive.

As well as incorporating the Gazzang tools into Cloudera, the staff acquired in the deal will be put to work in a new Cloudera Center for Security Excellence focused on security challenges Hadoop poses.

This will cover security testing and certification, creating secure APIs and certification for partner products and creating cluster security technologies, Cloudera said.

Quocirca analyst Clive Longbottom told V3 that the deal was an interesting move and Cloudera may well use Gazzang to boost its entire security portfolio, not just Hadoop tools.

“I would bet that Cloudera will build out from this to provide security around all data under storage, including outside Hadoop (which Gazzang already offers), no matter that Cloudera says that this new centre of excellence will be focused exclusively on Hadoop,” he said.

Longbottom said that doing this was vital as Hadoop security alone will not be enough for most firms that use a variety of storage types.

“Certainly, if Cloudera wants to make a concerted play for the HIPAA, EU and other security markets, it cannot just make a Hadoop play. The vast majority of data that falls under these acts will be outside Hadoop,” he explained.

“If Cloudera only focuses on the Hadoop store, all the data that is already in RDBs, NoSQL databases and simple filestores will heavily outweigh the amount being persistently stored in Hadoop.

“Therefore, Cloudera’s solution will be no solution: the rest of the data also has to be considered – in a joined up manner.”

The deal is the latest push by Cloudera after recently signing a deal with NoSQL database firm MongoDB to help organisations develop big data infrastructure to drive next-generation applications.

This move followed hot on the heels of a partnership with Intel that sees Intel become Cloudera’s largest shareholder, while it will optimise its Hadoop-based software for the Intel architecture as its preferred platform. Intel said it will also promote this to customers in preference to its own Hadoop implementation

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