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Rachel Lord selfie. @rlord_raw on Instagram.

Rachel Lord selfie. @rlord_raw on Instagram.

“Consumer Reports” is a recurring feature that profiles an artist’s consumption of any and all media throughout one work week.

Rachel Lord is an artist, actor, and poet living and working in Los Angeles. Lord is included in the New Museum’s 2015 Generational Triennial and in 2014 presented her first show of paintings—created for Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch’s newest movie production—at Dem Passwords gallery in Los Angeles. Titled “Documental,” the show featured four acrylic paintings of classic documental forms inside a color-blocked room that shined a natural beam of light unto Lord’s Vitruvian Man each day at 4:20 p.m.

Lord’s Consumer Reports comes in the middle of a busy “paint-a-thon” in preparation for Art Basel. During her week, a staggering amount of YouTube is passively consumed as she works on her series of “Angry Bird Paintings.” The videos run the gamut from New Age to conspiracy and pop culture, often at the same time. Additionally, we get insight into Lord’s love for Jimmy Buffet and “khaki gone tiki” as she puts together a performance of “Margaritaville” for an event at Basel. —John Chiaverina

Thursday, November 18

Just finished PM meditation. Got an email to see if I wanted to do this “Consumer Reports” thing about an hour ago. I figured I would start at my favorite time.

4:20 p.m.

Read the introduction and first four pages of The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be the most informative book I will ever read.

Then I listened to Yeezus.

5:00 p.m.

I’m on an alternate sleep schedule because the art handlers are coming on Thursday to pick up my “Angry Birds Paintings” to ship to Miami for the fair. “Putting a bird on it” is a great time to ingest research materials for my “Documental” series. My friend/life coach Murphy Maxwell is staying with me at the moment. He’s cueing up the YouTube and keeping this list for me. As we were ignoring conventional time, I only have the length of the videos:

Symbols of an Alien Sky Episodes 1 (1:18:00), 2 (1:23:00), and 3 (1:29:00).

9:00 p.m.

Uploaded/watched video documentation of the poetry reading I did on Sunday at a McDonald’s.

9:20 p.m.

Remembering the End of the World (6-video YouTube playlist) (1:04).

11:20 p.m.

Your Glands are the Chakras—Pyramid Code (15 min) on YouTube.

Alison Allison Diatomaceous Earth Review 26—Parasites (5 min., 30 sec.) on Youtube.

YouTube user “Alison Alison” has been documenting her journey into wellness with diatomaceous earth for a while now. How long exactly I can’t tell you because she has a really unique/confusing way of describing time. Regardless, it has not been long enough to settle on a way to mispronounce “Diatomaceous.”

Hollow Earth: My Encounter With a Dero on YouTube.

I’m kinda liable to believe in the existence of the Dero now (beings who reside in the center of the earth) only because the guy giving the account of his encounter with a Dero was really into fishing and NASCAR and seemed really embarrassed that his friends might find out he was on UFO TV.

Lemuria the Hidden History of Mankinds Motherland (3 hr., 25 min.) on YouTube.

Artifacts and the Archeological Proof of the Ancient Global Civilization (full documentary) on YouTube.

Klaus Dona. This is a lecture he did about all these anthropological and cultural artifacts that point to a Lemurian civilization. Basically, this video gives some academic verification to all the other stuff on this list. But the quality is pretty shitty.

AcTah—Mayan & ETs, Light Beings, Third Eye on YouTube.

Gnosis the Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed by Phillip Gardiner on YouTube.

Read the wiki for the number 7, and 214.

I’ve been getting into numerology. For the “Documental” series I’m trying to develop a painting that is based on numbers.

Vinayaka Worship on YouTube:

Part 1: Siddhar Phenomenon and Color Theory

Part 2: The Evolution of Vinayaka Worship

Part 3: Shiva

Wednesday, November 19

9:30 a.m.

I got up.

Went on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook on phone in bed. Officially on phone probation…Starting now.

Listened to “Justified & Ancient – JAM” by The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette on YouTube.

The Country-Industrial Complex is so wack. Tammy Wynette heralds the second-coming of Lemurian ascended masters and no one bats an eye but the Dixie Chicks are ejected for saying Bush sucks? WTF.

10:30 a.m.

Listened to Jesus Christ Superstar, Dolly Parton’s new album, Blue Smoke, Christopher Owens’ new album, A New Testament, and 2 Weens (The Mollusk & that country one).


More Vinayaka Worship

Part 4: Vishnu

Part 5: Brahma

3:00 p.m.

Drove to the weed store. Listened to “Weed is Legal (DKC Shoutout)” by the Mile “high” (Denver) pro-weed hip-hop group Bald Eagles, from their album Death From Above.

My brother left it in my car. “Denver Kush Club, that’s my favorite weed store…”


Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader Course Lesson #5 (health readings) on YouTube.

Then I streamed last night’s episode of Spike TV’s Ink Master: Rivals.

I’m trying to watch a lot less conventional television, because I was raised on TV and I’ve watched a lot. The only two shows I watch are Ink Master: Rivals and Nashville.

Murphy and I are really into it, we never miss an episode. We do this thing where we do the “Flash Challenges” along with the contestants. I have a huge crush on Oliver Peck, love that recovering alcoholic attitude, such an oral fixation, like “gotta have something in my mouth at all times.”

This particular episode pissed me off because they kicked Josh off the show for smoking pot. If there is one thing that would make me want to get a tattoo from someone it would be because they smoke weed. Seems really similar to when Shawn Reed got his medal stripped. It’s really interesting, the way people spin weed in a competitive environment. Is drug testing in sports about some sort of a moral crusade?


Top 10 Vedic Mantras on YouTube.

10:00 p.m.

Streamed the latest episode of Nashville. I hate “Ruke,” I really hope Raina gets back with Deacon so that the new family dynamic of Maddy and her real dad causes Daphne to feel left out, developing her character and giving both of the girls more camera time.

More YouTube…

Dhanvantari Mantra for Healing

Super Green 528 hz

Medicine Buddha Healing Mantra Tibet

Top 10 Mysterious People Whose Identities Are Still Unknown [HD]

They were so mysterious I can’t remember who any of them were.

11:11 p.m.

Cast KU 18 18 (Double) work on what has been spoiled (decay) on my I CHING iPhone app, made by Brian Brown Walker.

I really started using this app heavily after talking to the rapper Paul Barman. If there is anything significant coming up, I cast the I Ching. The I Ching is made off of polarity, and phones are in essence a crystal technology. The iPhone, being an electromagnetic device, is a great way to cast the I Ching. Your intentions seem to be really channeled through this mechanism.

There is definitely an electromagnetic connection between the iPhone and one’s body.

Listened to A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin on audiobook and a Spotify playlist called “Pagan Classics” for the remainder of the night.

Thursday, November 20

9:30 a.m.

Negotiated that they pick up only half the paintings today. Work-a-thon extended. Great.

Listened to DJ George Costanza’s “Country Rap Mix”

George Gershwin (Leonard Bernstein Conducts LA Phil) “Rhapsody in Blue”

Reread my Susan Miller horoscope for November. I’m a Cancer.

4:20 p.m.

More Vinayaka Worship on YouTube:

Part 6: Murugan & Indiran (20:47)

Then more YouTube…

Yazidi & Tamil Connection (16:11)

Babylonian Mind (3:27)

Tower of Babel with British Museum curator Irving Finkel (4:29)

Strangest Anomalies of our Universe (44:28)

Language of Coins (1:13:00)

Krishn[a] Leaving Earth Kali Yuga (9:53)

Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age (1:35:00)

Les Brown Physics of Crystals (2:12:45)

Must Watch New Humans Crystals Indigos (1:52:35)

Pleiadian Connection FULL DOC (49:44)

The work-a-thon was extended, but the shit I did in the morning was just waiting for the art handlers. Then I took a nap until 4:20, woke up and fell back in hard on painting and the YouTube. All of these videos are pretty cool, but I have no idea what’s happening visually in any of them. I had my head down… I was painting the whole time.

Language of Coins was a good one, but other than that it’s all a blur.

I was pretty cracked out at this point.

Friday, November 21

9:00 a.m.

Listened to Leonard Bernstein’s Mass and selected songs from Jesus Christ Superstar (concept recording).

Watched Origin of Temple on YouTube.

Same guy who does the Vinyaka Worship series. He does these interesting etymological breakdowns of words like “temple” to prove to you everything comes from Tamil language.


Like 20 “Trews” from Russell Brand’s YouTube.

Russell Brand, if you’re reading this, I’m single, self-actualized, and do yoga, meditation, and Wushu. I live in LA, but have a lot of friends in London so I have no problem being bi-costal.

432 Hz DNA repair

Checked email/AQNB article, Facebook, then email again. Instagrammed new Coexist sticker.

2:00 p.m.

Listened to Yeezus again.

Secrets of the Stoneage—wisdom of the stones (50:17) on YouTube.

Ancient African Golden Times (1:13:05) on YouTube.

Midwifing the New Consciousness- Eckhart Tolle & Marianne Williamson (60:00) on YouTube.

Saturday, November 22

9:30 a.m.

Supreme Black Gods Revealed 2014! SCIENTIST!!! (46:30) on YouTube.

Really good for the AM. This one is about beings who live in the center of the earth; Shambala. It provides a genealogical breakdown of the movement of the tribe out of the center—basically a really complicated genealogy animated in profile to emulate a sort-of hieroglyphic-style.

The style of this doc has stuck with me more than any other YouTube video I’ve watched over the past few months. Real mellow vibes and much better music than UFO TV documentaries.

It’s good for the morning because it gives you something to process for the entire day.

Gayatri Mantra (108 peaceful chants)(NEW) (44:08) on YouTube.

Drunvalo Melchizedek School of Remembering “Prophecies of the Heart” (enrollment required)

Mahalakshmi Mantra Shri Yantra (10:01)

Ganesh Mantra—Obstacle Breaker (10:43)

James Lovelock—The Gaia Hypothesis (58:41)

This is a must watch; it really stands apart from a lot of the other movies on this list. A lot of my artist friends could learn a lot from this.

James Lovelock is a scientist that said the entire earth is a self-regulating system in which we humans are a microcosmic version of. His whole thing is that human intervention is a problem because the whole world is a self-correcting system.

This guy is an OG environmentalist, he is kind of the first person to say a lot of these things. He took a multidisciplinary approach to science to allow us to see the bigger picture, which is we are living organisms part of another living organism, which is the earth.

Men of the Fifth World (52:16)

Super Saiyins are Real (2:15)

Alison Allison Diatomaceous Earth Review 23, 24, 7 (apx 5 min each)

V for Vendetta (2:13:00)

Zeta Movie: Earth Changes & Pole Shift (2:30:30)

121—Answers from an Andromeda Alien (8:57)

Michael Beckwith the Answer is You (55:15)

Marianne Williamson Google Talks (54:11)

25 Strangest Prehistoric Creatures to Roam the Earth (7:38)

Hollow Earth Hyperborea Agartha Shambhala (51:18)

Alien Races & Civilizations which have visited Earth (7:11)

Enochian Alphabet—Language of Angels (1:20:00)

Sunday, November 23

10:00 a.m.

6 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender (Book of Earth)

The Indigo Evolution (doc) (1:09:16)

Agreed to do a performance for NADA’s LOL Basel event on Dec 5th at Sandbar on the condition that the performance be of “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet. With that in mind…

Watched “Margaritaville (Karaoke)” – Jimmy Buffett 8 times.


Jimmy Buffett Performs “Margaritaville” LIVE on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” — 1981

Jimmy Buffett Performs “Margaritaville” on Ellen

Jimmy Buffett—Gulf Shores Benefit Concert—Margaritaville—18 (3 times)

Boston Strong—Jimmy Buffett – “Margaritaville” – LIVE

Jimmy Buffett on 60 Minutes

Musicians@Google: Jimmy Buffett

I wrote an article for DIS a few years ago about the history of “Khaki Gone Tiki” culture and my relationship with Jimmy Buffett. I’m a total Parrothead and there is nothing ironic about my love for him. I really love a singer who doesn’t need to prove to you that he knows how to sing.

In the sense that public art is site-specific, my performances are always provoked responses to the context. That being said, they are also generally me singing someone else’s song. There are a few songs that I have always wanted to perform and keep in my back pocket until the right time comes, so when I got asked if I wanted to do this event at a tiki bar in North Miami Beach, my first thought was “I’m gonna do ‘Margaritaville’ 8 times,” and in the case of performance art, I always go with my first thought.

In a lot of Buffett’s live performances of “Margaritaville”—especially from the late ’70s—there are some really great alternative verses and ad-libbing that he only does live. My performance is going to be a combination of different versions of the song that Buffett has done over years.

Posted 2 selfies.

6:30 p.m.

Kymetica (1:22:13)

Baba RamDev yoga for active meditation (1:06:59)

6 tones of creation (god’s healing frequency) (1:00:06)

Mermaid found (billschannel) (3:16)**

Don’t watch.

11:00 p.m.

Celtic Music Relaxing & Beautiful mix on YouTube(1:19:04)

Monday, November 24

10:00 a.m.

2 eps of Avatar: The Last Airbender (Book of Fire)

The Holographic Disclosure (entire playlist) (5:17:00)

This is really fucking awesome. It’s about how our entire Universe is a hologram and it is produced by a channel called “Hidden Key Activator.”

It’s complicated.

Simpsons Family Guy Crossover Illuminati Episode EXPOSED! Satanic Agenda Hidden in Plain Sight! (13:28)

The fact that you have a weird conservative Christian guy going through the very obvious masonic elements that really have no reason being in this episode is pretty funny. Much better than watching the actual show.

Illuminati cloned Jennifer Lawrence better wake up (3:05)

My favorite aspect of this video is the title. The language of “better wake up” really just gets me! It’s like, now that Jennifer Lawrence has been cloned, we can no longer be asleep.

I also propose that someone change the name “Illumaniti” to “SWIM”

All Celebrities live for thousands of Years and are Reincarnated (2:53)

top 5 most annoying conservative & Christian women (10:25)

TOP 10 Christian FAILS of 2013 (12:10)

Certified Angel Card Reader Lesson 6

Doreen virtue

Tuesday, November 25

11:00 a.m.

More Avatar: The Last Airbender

Matrix of Control Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars DARPA Agenda 21 DNA Mapping (48:45)

Alchemy and the Zodiac (53:01)

Pretty much done with these paintings. I’ve given up, I’m just getting ready for people to pick this shit up. Avatar: The Last Airbender is amazing because they give you super specific advice on meditation which is pretty progressive considering it is brought to us by Viacom.

4:20 p.m.


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