Cooked dead badger thrown at window at University of Birmingham

Dead badger 'hurled at window' in uni student war
A university is investigating claims that sick pranksters tried to cook a dead badger before throwing the animal at rival students’ windows (Picture: NTI Media)

A university is investigating claims a group of students cooked a dead badger before hurling it at the window of rival students.

Students were enjoying a BBQ at around 9.30pm on Saturday when witnesses said the animal was placed on the hot coals.

It was launched at a block of flats in an ongoing rivalry at the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston campus.

Two blocks at the Tennis Courts halls have been at war throughout the academic year, with egg-throwing and other acts of vandalism taking place because Block 10 apparently think Block 24 are ‘too posh’.

A student from the flat where the badger was thrown told The Tab student newspaper: ‘My flat and a few others were in our kitchen when we heard a loud bang on the window, which shocked us all.

‘My housemate Olli said it was a dead badger, but we thought he was joking around, so we clambered around the window to look.

‘Olli said that the person who threw it had said they’d found the badger on the road.’

A University of Birmingham spokesman confirmed an investigation is underway.

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