Cops Detain Two Men For Talking About The Band ‘Nickleback’

Has the war on drugs now become the war on speech?

Two Idaho men were detained by Kootenai County (Idaho) cops last week for talking about the band Nickelback.

In a video posted to YouTube, Sheriff’s deputies are heard accusing Dylan Swinford and Riker Morrow of selling drugs.

“I watched him get out of your car. He walks away. He says ‘yeah nickel sack for sure’. You say something,” the officer says in reference to the passenger of the vehicle. The driver responded, “No, Nickelback, that guy was blaring Nickleback.”

Both men repeat multiple times in the video that they were talking about the Canadian band and not referencing drugs. “No, I’m not [selling marijuana]. You can literally go through whatever”. Despite offering to let the officers search the vehicle, the men were then handcuffed and detained by the sheriff’s deputies.

The officer’s supervisor, Sergeant Stu Miller told reporter Chris Oswalt of Idaho On Your Side that the incident was sad and that his department has high expectations for its deputies. Despite Sgt. Miller saying the case was being investigated internally, both of the deputies are still on the job pending the outcome of the investigation. He also called the video ‘obviously edited’.

The two men were eventually released and no charges were filed.

You can watch an excerpt of the incident below:

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