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Bonnie claims that MUJI is Japanese for “no brand quality goods”; I think it means “lovely stuff for tiny rich minimalists.” They sell “more than 7,000 items ranging from clothing and household goods to food and even houses.” And if you are a very lucky Japanese resident, you may have won the contest to live in one of those houses for two years, playing the role of “house ambassador.”

muji living room© MUJI

TreeHugger has shown recent MUJI designs, but this house is based on a 2008 version by Kengo Kuma. Wallpaper* describes it:

Featuring an open-plan layout and minimal white interiors, the form is inspired, says Muji, by a traditional English country house.

view tow indow© MUJI

This does not look like any traditional English country house I have ever seen, but whatever. It is quite lovely, 860 square feet with views every which way, lots of natural light, a garden and a parking space. Here is a video tour, alas with no subtitles:

The outer walls are wrapped with openings on all sides. Eliminating the noticeable frame, the windows are detailed in line with Muji’s no clutter design sensibility, strategically placed to invite light and ventilation, and to frame exterior garden views.

dining table © MUJI

The House ambassador gig comes with the responsibility of being “the live-in house-sitter, tour guide, research monitor, and information agent for the company.” Occupants evidently will not be videoed or recorded, which might have been interesting. Can they keep it so clean and neat and minimalist or will stuff creep in? Will they get evicted if their book covers don’t match? Stay tuned.

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