Creepy video shows exorcism taking place in Starbucks

Starbucks is usually a hotbed of new mothers, prams, and moody hipsters taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi while nursing soy lattes.

An exorcism, however, is a slightly less common sight. But that’s exactly what a patron of a branch in Austin, Texas, has captured in a slightly terrifying video.

The footage, which was initially posted on Reddit, sees three friends apparently attempting to dispel demons from their pal as he groans and spits into a coffee cup.

They are then heard to tell the demon that it has ‘no legal grounds’ to be taking control of their mate, before he is heard to dramatically reply ‘sue me’.

Creepy video shows exorcism taking place in Starbucks

The Reddit user, who goes by the name of Umgar, insists that the footage has not been faked, as the Starbucks is often used by religious youth groups.

He added: ‘it is not a student film project, prank, or social experiment. Just the Bible belt’.

When asking the group why they had chosen the unconventional location to confront the demon, he said they simply replied: ‘God’s everywhere so, you know, God chooses the place.’

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