Cyber extortion, SMBs under threat and the Snoopers’ Charter: The week in security

Cyber crime dominated the security news this week as several threat reports were released from major firms including Trend Micro and Kaspersky Lab. Meanwhile, UK chancellor George Osborne announced plans to double UK cyber security spending to £1.9bn a year by 2020.

Additionally, Dell chief executive Michael Dell criticised the controversial Snoopers’ Charter by claiming that any proposal that allows backdoor access for governments is a cause for concern.

Read on for the top security stories of the week from V3:

Former NSA cyber expert: We are all enlisted in the cyber war


The cyber war is here to stay and we are all enlisted. That’s the view of Cedric Leighton, a former NSA cyber expert and US Air Force veteran with 26 years’ experience in military intelligence, cyber security and conflict resolution.

Cyber criminals are beating SMBs with PoS malware and exploit kits

Hacker against circuit board

Small to medium businesses are falling prey to cyber attacks as hackers increasingly use point of sale malware and sophisticated exploit kits to steal sensitive data, according to a report by security firm Trend Micro.

Kaspersky predicts decline of APTs and rise of the hacktivist

Is cyber espionage escalating

Over the next year cyber criminals will focus on stealth over sophistication, shunning the advanced persistent threat approach of the past and instead opting to use off-the-shelf malware, according to a report by Kaspersky Lab.

George Osborne pledges £1.9bn a year to fight cyber terrorists

George Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to double UK cyber security spending to £1.9bn a year by 2020 to combat the rise of terrorist groups including Islamic State which are reportedly taking advantage of the internet to plan UK attacks.

Michael Dell: Snoopers’ Charter backdoor proposals are ‘horrible’

Michael Dell

Michael Dell criticised the UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill, claiming that any proposal that allows backdoor access for government is a cause for concern. “Our position on creating a back door inside our products so that the government can get in is that it’s a horrible idea,” he said in an interview with The Telegraph.

Symantec sharpens focus on mobile and cloud

Symantec logo

V3 spoke to Darren Thomson, Symantec’s chief technology officer and vice president of technology EMEA, to get further insights into the biggest successes, challenges and trends of the year.

Extortion is the future of cyber crime


Extorting money from unwitting internet users through sophisticated social engineering and targeted ransomware is the future of cyber crime, according to Sean Sullivan, a lead researcher at security firm F-Secure.

TalkTalk hack: Customers offered free upgrade with extra security during December

TalkTalk logo

TalkTalk announced that its customers will be able to claim a free upgrade during December which offers updated security measures, according to the firm.

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