D-Link offers network management software free for up to 25 nodes

D-Link offers network management software free for up to 25 nodes

Networking firm D-Link has released D-View 7, the latest version of the firm’s browser-based network management software aimed at helping companies large and small manage network and IT infrastructure, but the fact that it is free for up to 25 nodes may be of particular interest to small businesses.

D-View 7 is a web-based network management system designed to effectively manage device monitoring, configurations and troubleshooting, according to the firm. It is aimed at SMBs, large enterprises and service providers managing their own data centres, and can be accessed with a browser anytime and from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

The tool provides a number of functions, including fault analysis, device availability, configuration tools, reporting and performance management features. It is organised around the concept of a server-probe architecture that simplifies data collection across complex networks, according to D-Link.

Under this definition, a node is any device that can be discovered and managed by D-View 7 using the SNMP protocol, whether it is a switch, a controller or a wireless access point, while a probe is the remote agent that communicates between the D-View 7 server and devices.

D-Link provides a free licence for customers to manage up to 25 nodes and two probes, with optional licence upgrades for requirements beyond this.

For simplicity, administrators have the ability to divide a network into multiple workspaces based on different management scopes and hierarchies. Users in a given workspace can create their own independent environments, making D-View 7 a useful tool for any organisation with a large IT team to manage their network by geography, functional responsibility or organisational hierarchy, according to D-Link.

D-View 7 includes a pre-defined dashboard, providing administrators with an at-a-glance overview of the status of all the devices managed. Users have the flexibility to customise the dashboard to monitor specific devices, creating a customised dashboard for any considered critical.

System requirements for D-View 7 specify a 3GHz dual-core processor or better, at least 4GB of memory, Windows 7 or 8, or Windows Server 2008 or 2012.

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