Darling Pea: Australian sheep have kill themselves after becoming ‘heroin addicts’

Aussie sheep kill themselves after becoming 'heroin addicts'
Hundreds of sheep have died  in Australia (Picture: Getty Images/Darren lz)

Hundreds of Australian sheep addicted to a poison plant have died, with some even killing themselves.

The addicted sheep act as if drunk, lose weight, drag their hind feet and become depressed.

The most heart-breaking behaviour reported was of sheep bashing their heads repeatedly on posts till they cracked their heads open.

Some 800 sheep have been reported dead from one New South Wales sheep farm due to the poisonous weed, known as Darling Pea.

This outbreak of the plant is blamed on the most recent bush fires which has devastated the province.

The only option for farmers with addicted sheep is to separate the animals from the plant and allow their central nervous system to recover.

However, some of the affected sheep are too far gone and there is no hope for these depressed and physically weakened sheep.

Sheep farmer, Louise Knight described the affects of Darling Pea plant on their flocks: ‘It’s like dealing with a thousand heroin addicts.’

19 May 2014 | 1:00 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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