David Wicks’ Heart Attack Shocks Butcher Family (PICS)

At the highest of the ultimate episode of ‘EastEnders’ the Butcher family have been left shocked when David Wicks stood up Carol on her wedding ceremony ceremony day, however there’s a good higher shock in retailer.

While Carol sat able to go to the ceremony, David had a coronary coronary heart assault merely metres away inside the Square and teenage Liam is left with the job of breaking the knowledge to his family.

eastenders carol

Liam tells Carol the knowledge

Things haven’t exactly been going good for Carol and david in present weeks and until Liam breaks sad info, Carol is left questioning whether or not or not her relationship is worth stopping for.

Earlier this week, Bianca discovered that David may need been dishonest on Carol with Nikki as a result of it emerged the pair had kissed.

David’s coronary coronary heart assault was one in every of many many prime secret surprises inside the present episodes of ‘EastEnders’.


Liam speaks to his family

Tuesday night’s episode also saw the unexpected arrival of Billy’s former wife Honey and producers have promised that there shall be a great deal of sudden events occurring in coming weeks.

Last week it was revealed that Shirley and Mick Carter aren’t actually brother and sister.

The residents of Walford are nonetheless attempting to deal with the dying of Lucy Beale and whereas Jake has been arrested, it is thought one different Albert Square resident is accountable.

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