‘Dear Douchebag Bike Thief’: Student’s hilarious letter to bike thief goes viral

'Dear Douchebag Bike Thief': Hilarious letter to bike thief goes viral
‘I know where you live’: The bike was fitted with a tracking system (Picture: Giant)

A student whose bike was stolen looks like they’ll be having the last laugh after writing a hilarious letter to the thief politely informing him that the bike has a tracker.

Bike tech company Blaze tweeted ‘this must have been the best feeling ever’ accompanied by the note, in which the theft victim cheerfully threatens the thief with a visit from her ‘majesty’s finest.’

Addressed ‘DEAR DOUCHEBAG THIEF’ the brazen note informs the thief that their face was caught on CCTV at the station and that a tracer was installed inside the bike frame after it was stolen in the past.

‘I know where you live,’ the writer goes on.

‘Please dear bike thief, don’t take this as a threat. I’m sure you had your reasons.

‘I just want my bike back.’

Describing themselves as ‘the poor student with no money, but a working printer’, they helpfully add that if the thief has taken multiple bikes, theirs is the grey Giant model.

Between the GPS tracker and the CCTV footage, it looks unlikely the thief will get away with their crime.

Let’s hope they heed the advice.

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9 August 2014 | 5:35 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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