Dell urges firms to embrace a hybrid cloud approach

IT leaders must learn to let go with the cloud

BRUSSELS: Dell believes the future of cloud is reliant on strong governance and adopting a hybrid approach to best meet the needs of IT teams and businesses in general.

Speaking at the firm’s 2014 Solutions Summit event, attended by V3, managing director of Dell Services Eric Clark claimed cloud adoption requires a “fundamental change in mindsets” for chief information officers (CIOs).

This requires CIOs to understand how ownership of their in-house IT is removed once it is pushed into the cloud. Clark said this can often become a “political issue” and explained that tech chiefs must learn to relinquish control of the rigid ownership they have over internal IT when adopting cloud computing.

He added that CIOs should accept cloud is the future and, rather than bury their heads in the sand, apply governance to how the use of cloud services is managed.

Clark said a key part of good governance is to gain transparency into how cloud services are delivered and managed to ensure they are getting value for money.

This is best served by taking a hybrid approach to cloud services by using private and public services where relevant. Clark said this gives enterprises the flexibility to scale up their outsourced cloud systems to meet varying IT demands in a data and technology-driven world.

George Reese, executive director of Cloud Management at Dell, explained Dell’s view on the cloud. “A mature cloud strategy includes both public and private clouds,” he said.

However, the ecosystem that supports multiple cloud services can be complex, which is why Dell went on to explain how its Cloud Manager service helps manage multiple cloud sources through a single application interface.

Reese said cloud adoption is reliant on understanding the governance, cost and risks involved in moving internal IT into the cloud before businesses make a potentially costly plunge: “Step number one should be knowing what the hell’s going on.”

Despite its position in the technology industry as an infrastructure and server provider, Dell has not gone down the path of creating its own cloud service. Instead the company decided to take a middle man position and work on integrating multiple cloud services into a scalable model for businesses.

Through this approach Dell mitigates the risk of entering the competitive single cloud market where digital service giants, such as Amazon Web Services and Google, fight for market dominance.

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