Depressed goat reunited with donkey best friend after hunger strike

It sounds like a far-fetched tale from a children’s book – but this story of a depressed goat that went on hunger strike for six days and refused to go outside until he was reunited with his best friend – a donkey – is absolutely, brilliantly true.

Mr G, the goat, and Jellybean were separated after U.S. welfare officers seized dozens of animals from squalid conditions and took them to separate animal sanctuaries.

Missing his burro best mate, dejected Mr G sat in the corner of his pen at a sanctuary in California and refused to eat anything for six days – including treats.

A kindly volunteer from Animal Place sanctuary in Grass Valley decided to act – and drove 14 hours to collect Jellybean.

When Mr G heard his pal Jellybean being unloaded from a trailer, he perked up for the first time since his arrival, before leaping to his hooves to greet Jellybean in the yard.

The whole heartwarming reunion, which sees the two kiss before tucking into a hearty meal, was captured on camera by sanctuary staff.

This video of a depressed goat and his donkey best friend will give you the feels
Reunited: Jellybean the burro with his pal Mr G (Picture: YouTube)

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