Deryl Nelson: Petition for reinstatement of Chattanooga Park ranger sacked over ‘R-rated’ moves on duty in Tennessee

A campaign has been launched to reinstate a dancing Tennessee park ranger after bosses sacked him for busting out his moves while on duty.

Dubbed the Dancing Park Ranger, Deryl Nelson, 51, angered his superiors when a concerned parent filmed him carving some risqué shapes while in uniform in Chattanooga.

But other locals have launched a campaign to bring him back, which includes a petition and Facebook support group.

Petition to reinstate dancing park ranger sacked for his moves
Support: The petition has been signed 1,261 times (Picture:

The ‘Reinstate Deryl Nelson back to Park Ranger’ petition has received more than 1,250 signatures so far.

The woman who brought Mr Nelson’s dancing to his bosses attention has also closed her Twitter account after a storm of criticism from the park ranger’s supporters.

Melissa Parsons told NewsChannel 9 that Mr Nelson’s dance moves were not for children’s eyes.

Melissa Parsons believes (Picture: newschannelnine/YouTube)
‘R-rated movie’: Melissa Parsons was critical of Mr Nelson’s behaviour (Picture: newschannelnine/YouTube)

‘He went all the way down to the ground, he came back up from the ground, he was grabbing areas that you would see on an R-rated movie,’ she said.

Mr Nelson, whose conduct was branded ‘unbecoming of a public employee’ by his bosses, had been a park ranger for seven years and built up a cult following.

‘Let me be myself,’ said Mr Nelson. ‘Let me be the Dancing Park Ranger.’

(Picture: Giffffr)
Mr Nelson sees nothing wrong with his impressive moves (Picture: Giffffr)

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