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Oops, who let the cat out of the bag?

Later in life, Steve Jobs was known for secrecy. But his younger self was sometimes so enthusiastic about products that he let things slip out before they were ready to announce, stealing his own thunder. At the time, some Apple employees had a saying about this phenomenon: “Isn’t it funny, a ship that leaks from the top?”

Elon Musk has been known to do the same once in a while, pre-announcing products and features… Here’s the now deleted tweet:

Elon Musk Model Y deleted tweetTwitter/Screen capture

It’s not quite clear if he just let something slip or was making a joke, but that tweet above is now down the memory hole (here is a cached version of it). The reason why it might be a joke is he’s said before that he wanted a Model S, Model E, and Model X to spell out “S-E-X”, but couldn’t get “E” because Ford has a trademark on Model E, so he went with the closest thing, the Model 3 (to be unveiled next spring). So maybe with his Model Y reference he just wanted to make a “S-E-X-Y” joke. But if that’s all that was, why not just say it in a subsequent tweet? Why delete it?

Tesla Model X© Tesla

If we assume it’s not a joke, it sounds like the company hasn’t quite decided – or Musk just doesn’t want to say – if it’s the Model 3 or Model Y that will have Falcon Wing doors like the Model X. I’m guessing that a Model Y would probably be closer to the Model 3 than the Model S, and built on the same 3rd generation platform, since there’s already an EV with Falcon Wing doors built on the 2nd generation platform, and that’s the just-launched Model X.

Maybe the 3rd generation EVs will be related in the same way that the 2nd generation ones are; the Model 3 could be a smaller, more affordable electric sedan (like a smaller Model S), while the Model Y could be a smaller, less expensive electric crossover SUV (like a smaller Model X) with Falcon Wing doors.

If you have any good guesses or theories about this, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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