Disabled woman Patricia dumped by Tunisian toyboy after he got a visa on Holiday Love Rats Exposed on Channel 5

Disabled woman dumped by Tunisian toyboy after he got a visa
Patricia and Mondher married not long after first meeting (Picture: Channel 5)


A disabled woman has spoken of her heartache after her younger Tunisian lover left her shortly after arriving in the UK.

Patricia, 64, told her story on this week’s episode of Channel 5’s Holiday Love Rats Exposed.

She revealed how she met 26-year-old Mondher, from Tunisia, on a dating site, and he instantly charmed her before saying he loved her just three weeks after they first met online.

After travelling to the North African country to meet Mondher, the strapping 26-year-old surprised her by announcing: ‘Let’s get married, let’s just do it!’

Patricia, who suffers from osteoarthritis which requires her to use a mobility scooter, was smitten and agreed to marry him in Tunisia in 2012, paying for the entire wedding.

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‘He was telling me he was going to treat me like a princess, we could buy a car and he would take me out where I wanted to go,’ she said.

Shortly after the big day he moved to the UK, and cracks in the relationship began to show.

The newly-weds started arguing and Patricia said living with Mondher was a ‘nightmare’.

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Not long afterwards, after Patricia refused to pay for a new visa, Mondher left her to move to Portsmouth, leaving her ‘gutted’.

Mondher gave a statement to Channel 5 for the program in which he claimed he moved to the UK for love rather than money, and that the marriage broke down due to circumstances ‘out of his control’.

Holiday Love Rats Exposed will air on Channel 5 tomorrow night at 9pm.

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