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Reading Katherine’s post 12 ways to curb your TV addiction I wondered, is TV still a thing? I haven’t had one for years, and even more normal people like tech analyst Chris Umiastowski writes in the Globe and Mail that Netflix killed the cable star: ” It’s so good that we have no cable subscription; we no longer rent movies and are swamped with great TV series that we have to choose between.” What appears to matter is no longer TV time, it’s screen time.

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In fact, in 2013 adults spent more time on the little screens than the big ones. As for cable TV use in America,

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Jim Edwards writes in Business Insider:

We’re at the beginning of a major historical shift from watching TV to watching video — including TV shows and movies — on the internet or on mobile devices.

Katherine makes some very good suggestions for dealing with a TV addiction, but I wonder if most of them are relevant anymore when you have a computer screen in your pants. I have asked a version of this question about every two years, and here it is again:

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