Docker acquires Kitematic for Mac container support

Kitematic boasts a GUI

Docker, the company behind the container platform of the same name, has acquired Kitematic, a developer of tools for handling containers on the Mac OS X platform.

The move is intended to bolster the user experience for developers using Docker on the Mac to work with containerised apps.

Kitematic is a relatively small startup based in Canada, and the firm’s Kitematic tool streamlines the process of getting a Docker container environment up and running on a Mac.

“Setting up Docker requires a number of steps. You have to set up a virtual machine, you have to download and provision the Docker Engine, and so forth. Kitematic literally turns it into a single click,” Docker director of product marketing Betty Junod told V3.

Kitematic uses Docker Machine to start up a VirtualBox virtual machine, installs Docker Engine, and opens up a GUI offering a choice of curated Docker images that can be deployed and run on that system.

A lot of developers use Macs today which is why Kitematic started here, but the firm is already working on a version for the Windows desktop.

“The next step is getting this onto the Windows platform, because it’s currently Mac only, so we can reach even more developers,” Junod said.

The firm is also looking at extending the user-friendly GUI of Kitematic to work with other Docker tools.

Junod added that developers in the open source community often lead the way with regards to technology, so Docker decided that it was better to acquire Kitematic for its ready-developed platform rather than build its own.

Financial details relating to Docker’s acquisition of Kitematic have not been disclosed. The Kitematic website will continue to exist, but Kitematic will otherwise become a part of Docker, according to Junod. The software will continue to exist as an open source project.

Docker released final versions of its Machine, Swarm and Compose tools last month, used to automate the deployment of Docker containers, cluster them together, and assemble multi-container distributed applications.

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