Doctor Who goes Indie in game bundle (Wired UK)

The Adventure
The Adventure

As if a bowtie weren’t hipster enough, now Matt
Smith’s Doctor has gone indie


Fancy some (slightly) vintage Doctor Who gaming
without breaking the bank? You’re in luck then, as the complete
collection of The Adventure Games is the highlight of one of this
week’s Indie Bundles.

The Indie Gala
‘Monday Bundle’ offers all five episodes, centred on Matt Smith’s
Eleventh Doctor and companions
Amy Pond and Rory Williams. The pay-what-you-want bundle can be had
for as little as $1.99 (about £1.30), with money split between

Although the BBC’s own
track record with video games isn’t great — Auntie can never quite
get her head around the new-fangled things — The Adventure
were developed by Sheffield-based studio Sumo Digital, responsible
for the excellent Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and the
recent LittleBigPlanet
. Doctor Who series writers Phil Ford and James
Moran also contributed to the games, and they fit between episodes
of Matt Smith’s television run. Basically, the game’s not rubbish,
which is both surprising and admittedly backhanded praise.

The episodic title was originally released through the BBC’s
Doctor Who website, but is no longer available, so the bundle is perfect for Who
fans that missed out. The five episodes see you battling the
Daleks, Cybermen, and Vashta
, piloting the TARDIS, and getting involved with the
Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

Purchasing the bundle will also nab you space shooter Deep
, first-person horror Doorways: The
, retro-styled strategy Desert
, comedic RPG Frayed
, and action space-sim Ensign-1.
All games are redeemable on Steam. Not too shabby for a couple of

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